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the little people lesson

Sunday October 25, 2009

I spent the weekend with my two adorable cousins, one four and the other six.  I watched them do all sorts of funny things and saw them through the lens of an adult looking at the pleasure and pain of childhood.  It was funny, my four year old cousin has a really hard time getting lessons.  He will do the same thing over and over again, get punished over and over again, and just doesn’t get it.  He has such a precious tender little heart, he really is a sweet sweet boy.

I realized I do that with God.  Repeated behaviors to do things my way, God warns me, corrects me, and then has to discipline me for my poor choices that I know aren’t good for me, and I know what the end result is.

As much mischief as he got into I still loved that little guy the same, he has my heart no matter what he does.  I realized that’s how God feels about us too.  He’s never going to change the way he feels about us because of what we do. NEVER. it’s a promise, a commitment from a father because of his unchanging heart towards us.

#2 They had plenty of toys to choose from this weekend, but the toy of choice was a balloon. they could not get enough of it.

For several reasons they proved they couldn’t handle being responsible with the balloons so grandpa took them away from them.  And boy did all heck break loose.  They just cried and cried and cried.  Over a balloon on a string. I went to talk them and suggested the following, that we have a “ceremony” where we let go of our balloons outside… I thought it would be fun for them at the time, but that caused more distress, they whimpered and with sadness said they didn’t want to lose their balloons.  So I suggested they stop crying because it was only ruining their opportunity to have all sorts of other fun while they cried over something they could no longer change. Let’s let go of the balloons, stop crying, and maybe grandpa might let you have them back when you leave, but until then, let’s enjoy this time we have.

I definitely need to take my own advice. What use is there of crying over things God has found that I can’t be responsible with. Change your mind about how you respond when God disciplines me, it is for my good.

Later that day, I came out of the bathroom dressed with hair and makeup, and my little cousin Nico says, “ashley you look pretty, with the sweetest four year old sincerity, he just stared at me.”  He followed me around and said, “emmm you smell pretty….Can I smell your hair?” I laughed to myself, he sniffed my hair and my fresh breath for listerine and with the innocence of a four year old boy learning about girls looked at me with admiration.  It was the sweetest thing, because he loved me just the same when I was walking around the house busted as he did when I cleaned up. Please protect his sensitive heart Lord, it is a precious gift.

That’s how I want to be loved. ”Emm, you smell pretty Ashelly”

Thought: Is this what it means to be like the little children? they are utterly dependent on their parents love, care, nurturing, and discipline for the well being of their lives.  Adults are just misguided children. Adults are just children with deep hurts covered up with big bandaids.